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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100  ABC  June 10, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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>> it was right in front of my door. leon: neighbors on edge after a stabbing in broad daylight. a bloody bat and evidence of trauma. plus, -- >> it was the general area where it occurred. the victim headed towards the park. leon: an elderly woman attacked by a raccoon.
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animal control officers are concerned. >> now abc 7 news at 11:00, on your side. leon: first, a young man stabbed to death near a high school in montgomery county. now, a community is in mourning as police tried to determine a motive. one suspect is in custody, but no names have been released. jay korff now live in silver spring where a vigil was held. jay: leon, a heartbreaking day and now a heartbreaking here in the briggs chaney section of montgomery county. just a short time ago, the candlelight vigil concluded. some candles still here. folks are outraged and heartbroken. >> this is not my definition of safety. jay: sadness and fear grip a neighborhood in the briggs chaney section of montgomery county. >> to come out of your door and
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have all this happen -- jay: wednesday afternoon, a violent confrontation and did a young life here. >> the stabbing happened outside of my bedroom window. jay: police say an argument between two males erupted outside the woodlike apartments. it ended when one fatally stabbed the other. residents say the victim's high school age. the suspect him of not much older. >> now a mother has to bury her child, and another mother has to see her child off to jail. jay: heart ache filled the parking lot. more than 100 young people gathered for a candlelight vigil to remember the victim. residents tell us something must be done to convince young lives that simple disagreements can escalate to a place we cannot return from. >> you want to grow up and have a better life, work, go to school you don't want to be
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caught up in hustling. jay: police have not released a lot of information about this. they haven't discussed motives. they also have not released the names or ages of the suspect or the victim. jay korff, abc 7 news. leon: thank you. now to new developments about the horrors discovered inside a d.c. mansion. it has been nearly a month since four were found dead inside the mansion. tonight, documents painting a grizzly portrait of what happened to a married couple their son, and their housekeeper. richard reeve live now with the new details. richard: first off, we want to show you the savopoulos house. no police guard outside, but there is a chain-link fence. these are the documents we've been talking about. they detail the victims' terrible loans and the finding of a weapon, -- terrible wounds,
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and the finding of a weapon, a baseball bat. this affidavit reveals graphic details of the deaths of the victims. an adult male identified as savvas savopoulos had apparent trauma to the rear of his head. in the same bedroom, an adult female identified as amy savopoulos with lacerations to her throat and head. the documents list an unknown individual named as housekeeper very least you figure a lot -- veralicia figueroa, whose injuries were not listed. the affidavit also reports the discovery of a baseball bat in the same room where first responders found the three adults. abc reports it was in a second upstairs bedroom where fire crews down the body of 10-year-old philip savopoulos. the affidavit lists him as gender unknown with severe fire damage to the body. the room is where investigators
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believe the blaze was set. the documents also detail how detectives found a surveillance camera outside the house. daron wint has been charged in this case. detectives believe he had at least one of compass. authorities tracked down wint through dna left at the scene. richard reeve, abc 7 news. leon: the us all trial of deputy matthew comes to a quick and surprising end. he doesn't have to admit to the crime, but he pleads guilty to attempted murder and sexual assault. the play was not what prosecutors asked for but they say it does bring closure to the victim. >> she said she was deeply moved and very grateful to the whole team. leon: pleading guilty, matthew does concede the prosecution had
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enough evidence to convict him. according to experts, the dna taken was a hundred percent match with the dna taken from under the victim's fingernail. >> i think he was guilty. leon: jesse matthew also faces capital murder charges in the death of uva student hannah graham. the next hearing in that case is set for june 25 in charlottesville. make sure you stay with abc 7 for continuing coverage. a polaski county mother charged with murdering her five-year-old son. noah thomas was found dead in a septic tank and ashley white is now being held without bond. noah's disappearance prompted a nationwide search. the cause of death has not been released. the child's father is also facing charges of child abuse and neglect. a peeping incident at the woodbridge walmart. police say a man dressed in women's clothing used a mirror
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to try and peek into a restroom. they are hoping surveillance footage leads them to a suspect. police say the suspect is a white man between the ages of 45 and 55. he was last seen wearing a brown wig and a pink shirt with black and neon green shoes. if you have any information, call police. turning now to the weather. if you thought the day was hot brace yourself for tomorrow. we are listening -- looking at ible amateurs in the mid-90's. steve rudin here. steve: quite possibly tying a record at dulles international airport. our forecast high for tomorrow, around 94-95. 72 gaithersburg. upper 60's in manassas. 70 in fredericksburg. it is going to be a mild evening , mild overnight into early tomorrow morning. hardly any clouds out there now.
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earlier today, we had smoke from the forest fire in saskatchewan. we are looking at lots of clear skies as we move through the overnight. here's our express forecast. 75 degrees 7:00 in the morning. near 90 by noontime. late afternoon and early evening, temperatures around 95 degrees. we will talk about how long the heat and humidity will stick around, plus the chance for a few thunderstorms around here. leon: now, developing at this hour, a pedestrian hospitalized after being struck by a car during rush-hour. this happened on wisconsin avenue just after 5:00 p.m. police say the man was unconscious when he was found. no word on his current condition. investigators trying to determine the exact circumstance of what happened. the search for a suspect after a brutal robbery caught on tape.
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this happened early sunday morning. a group of young people attack a man. they beat him and take off with his cell phone and other valuables. the victim is recovering from minor injuries. neighbors say they are concerned about an uptick in crimes by young people and teenagers. if you have any information d.c. police want to hear from you as soon as possible. in fairfax county, part of the springfield trail shut down after a raccoon attack. an elderly woman was hospitalized after being bitten several times. this comes days after a rapid raccoon attack. tom roussey live with the latest on all this action. wild kingdom action tonight. tom: quite a bit of it. two attacks in just four days. behind me here, the trail is shut down because of what happened. that trail shut down because of
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an attack that occurred one third of a mile that way. >> i can see what appears to be some blood on this side. tom: sergeant mary van rino showed us where a likely rabid raccoon attacked a 75-year-old woman. >> i can also see what appear to be raccoon tracks. tom: around 9:20 this morning, police say the victim stopped to take pictures of a raccoon. it then attacked her, drawing blood on both arms and one leg. it was the second raccoon attack this week. >> i think it is a coincidence. it is highly unusual. tom: sunday, a man was attacked while gardening, receiving a cut a foot long. it happened in kings park. police shot and killed that raccoon after a charged at an officer. the other raccoon is still on the loose.
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users of the popular trail near south run were glad police closed part of it. raccoons are common around here. we found one earlier this spring near the jefferson memorial. but they can be rabid. fairfax county sees more than its share. there have been more reported raccoon rabies cases than anywhere else in virginia 13 straight years. i talked to the wife of the man attacked on sunday. she says recovering from a rabies bite is not easy. he will ultimately be ok. animal control says if you find yourself in a situation where an animal is coming at you, your best bet is to take off running. if it is too close, give it a kick. reporting live in fairfax county, tom roussey, abc 7 news. leon: thanks, tom. still ahead 100 metro cars pulled off the rails because the
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doors won't close. even when the traihow this could impact your commute, and a new strategy to combat isil.
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leon: a change in the fight against isil, president deploying new troops to iraq. they will train and assist iraqi troops and other fighters. the u.s. is also sending weapons. right now, just over 3000 military members are in iraq. the life of baltimore county police chief jim johnson faces a misdemeanor second-degree assault charge. deputies from a neighboring county arrested rebecca johnson after a right -- a fight that she reportedly got into. lindsay johnson told investigators her mother slapped her in the face. happening now, the search for two convicted killers is widening. photos of richard matt and david sweat are on dozens of billboards in four states.
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the pair used powerful as to escape a prison in upstate new york last weekend. police are conducting door-to-door searches in homes and checking campsites and boats along lake champlain in vermont. new and last month's deadly amtrak crash. investigators say the engineer on board was not talking on the phone when that train derailed. the national transportation safety board said the engineer was not texting or downloading at the time either. during a hearing on capitol hill , the vice-chairman of the ntsb said investigators have not ruled out other distractions. >> there are 400,000 pieces of data involved in the analysis. because of the extent of that, things like a use of an app has not been determined. leon: investigators have not said why that train accelerated to nearly 100 miles per hour before the crash.
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amtrak is making changes including the installation of cameras and automatic braking technology. speaking of rail service, you may notice shorter metro trains for a while. metro is pulling its 4000 series cars off-line because the doors won't close. this video posted to the unsuck d.c. metro twitter page. if they are deemed safe, they will be returned to service next week. metro says the cars will all be replaced with 7000 service cars over the next few years. experts at the national zoo are working to determine if mei xiang is pregnant. they say she was playing with the ultrasound jelly. >> obviously that is not the video. leon: that is not the video. that happened before the jelly.
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her last cub was born in august of 2013. i don't know. steve: i think that was february or march. leon: you are the meteorologist. steve: looked like a long time ago. it would be nice. we are going to look at the hottest temperatures we've seen all year. that is tomorrow, friday, and saturday. welcome to washington. this is what we had out there early today. a lot of you may have noticed clear skies but we had a lot of smoke in the air thanks to those wildfires in canada. thankfully, the smoke is moving out of here. look at the high today. 84 degrees one degree above average for this time of year. tomorrow, we are talking high temperatures around 95 and likely to tie the record high at dulles international airport. 75 at reagan's national.
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winds are out of the south. we can tolerate this. by this time tomorrow, it is going to feel different. 72 degrees in gaithersburg. bwi marshall at 73. lexington park at 74. if you are looking for cooler temperatures, head out to petersburg. the real warmth is well to the west of us. st. louis, they were in the middle to upper 90's. high pressure anchored off the coast. winds out of the south and southwest. tomorrow, highs in the 90's. again on friday and once again on saturday. here is a week cool front. from cleveland in the pennsylvania and upstate new york, just a few showers and thunderstorms. this may trigger a few storms around the mason-dixon line. 67-73 for an overnight low. this is what that cold front
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looks like as it moves our way tomorrow. i think we will stay mainly dry inside the capital beltway. we will add a chance for storms on friday and once again on saturday. it is going to be hot and humid with temperatures well above average for this time of year. 94 degrees, the forecast high tomorrow. heat index will make it feel a bit hotter than that. lower 90's on saturday. middle 80's by sunday and monday, but back into the 90's by the middle of next week. string lots of water. stay in the state. that are yet, stay inside. leon: or go play with mei xiang in the snow. what is cooking with you? >> the nats looking well today, trying to unsuck,. it has been forever since they pulled in a w. and lebron
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>> now, the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. >> we start off with the nats. matt heading, no defense everything out of sync. today, a breath of fresh air. let's start with michael a taylor. taylor with the to-one shot to right. taylor with his 10th home run of the season. later, denard span would bring in the go-ahead with an infield hit. the nats get out alive. the final for this 1, 5-4. o's and red sox, bottom of the third. adam jones had a good night. a grounder right up the middle. manny machado would score. we moved to the fifth inning. same score. this time, jones on defense. mookie betz with the fly ball to
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right center. look at jones with the dive. looks like matthew dellavedova out there. final for this 1, 5-6. looks like dellavedova is turning out to the australian for "x factor." he's not afraid to put his body out there. lebron joked about how many times he made a hustle play, and it makes sense. his first board was in basketball. i will let lebron explained. lebron: he comes from a rugby background. i don't know if you've had an opportunity to watch a rugby game. he dove on the ground last night six times. robert: it all makes sense now. stanley cup finals game four tampa up to-one. branden sighed he would score
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the winning goal. blackhawks tie the series at 2-2. no women's world cup today, but the men had a friendly with germany. that's a goal. he ties it at 1-1. bobby woods scored a late goal. 87th minute. that gives the united states the lead. usa would hold on to take its first victory from a european soccer power. don't forget, nba finals continue tomorrow night. game time at 9:00 p.m. another possible 40-point performance from lbj. leon: something else awesome to see. a little education for you.
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leon: an altered plea in a 2005 sex assault and attempted murder case. that is the top trending story. the ntsb says an amtrak engineer was not using his phone before a derailment. and, hot weather ahead. hot summer weather may put you in the mood for some sweet tea.
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a south carolina town broke the record for the largest container of sweetie. that is how i learned how to say it. it is 1400 gallons of the stuff. they used garbage bags to make the tea. doesn't that look appetizing? sweetened with 2800 pounds of sugar. it will also come with 2100 pounds of insulin. [laughter]
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leon: give us a good word if you can. steve: humid tomorrow, 95 degrees. we will dodge most of the raindrops until friday. leon:
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>> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live." tonight -- from "game of thrones," kit harington. comedian chris gethard. and music from dwight yoakam. with cleto and the cletones. and now, it's that time again -- here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> jimmy: hi, everybody. that's very nice.


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